Self Defense Training Programs

Reality Based Training - No Nonsense Self Defense

Civilians are very vulnerable with urban and suburban violence on the rise. In family homes, in the workplace, attacks are getting worse. Proper training is the only answer - with experts who have a proven system of self defense training, designed for survival in real world situations.

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Civilian Programs

Urban and suburban violence is a part of life .. terrorist activity included and with earth changes taking place by the minute, we need to be prepared to survive in all conditions whether it is human or nature driven. Stefan Forsman’s idea of self-defense is a growing one. It is not a limited concept and self-awareness combined with knowledge of what to do in challenging and life-threatening situations is what he likes to teach ... to help you find the key and produce the solutions you will need to find within yourself to be a survivor and a winner in life. “I want to see people trained properly so they have the best chance of surviving an attack.


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Advanced Security Training

Ongoing training and knowledge building for security personnel is essential these days - to cope more effectively and wisely with situations that threaten the safety and lives of clients and the general public, or that of property. Forsman Self Defense analyses with you the needs of your team members and designs ongoing training programs for their professional development.


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Employee Protection

The onset of violence and civilian unrest in communities has been greatly challenging to personnel within the police, ambulance, fire and hospital services.  Businesses in the private sector also face scenarios that affect day to day business and the safety of employees and customers. Forsman Self Defense training can help support the safety and effectiveness of teams working in a variety of work environments and who require effective management of unruly human behaviour. Our reality-based training gives employees greater confidence and solutions to manage aggressive or sexual threats, which they might encounter on the job, and effective techniques to protect themselves and give them the best chance of emerging safely from physical attack.


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