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Reality Based Training - No Nonsense Self Defense

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Stefan Forsman provides no nonsense training … Read more >

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New programs for public service employees and security personnel … Read more >
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Reality Based Self Protection Programs for Civilians
Forsman Self Defense is a no nonsense training for self protection in dangerous, real world situations.
Hand to Hand Combat Training for Professionals Forsman Self Defense is designed to help prepare civilians and professionals to be more confident and, if a worst case scenario should unfold - trained and ready to use highly effective techniques for the best opportunity to emerge safely.
The art of self awareness is your starting point
Forsman Self Defense training is not connected with sport or the martial arts, it is a whole of life educational approach. confident in diffusing life threatening situations

‘’Dette kurset gir jo mega personlig utvikling’'
- Astri Hesseberg, 2012 - civilt självförsvarkurs i Löten, Norge


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Matt Lord is a songwriter, musician and producer from Sydney, Australia

''The moment of truth will be what you have trained ... or not trained to do.'' Forsman Self Defense is no nonsense training for protection and survival in real world, dangerous situations.